TOP STORIES 12.10.12


BoGlobe Ed – Pentagon’s renewable-energy programs should continue

China Daily Ed –  Fighting global warming

Bloomberg View – WILLIAM PESEK Column – Asia Must Wake Up to the Reality of Climate Change

Bakersfield Californian Oped – ERIC AVERETT – SunEdison’s participation promises solar done well

Triple Pundit Oped – Leon Kaye – Are Saudi Arabia and Qatar The New Titans of Solar?

Malaysia Star MARTIN KHOR Column – ‘Low ambition’ outcome at climate talks


NYT – The Doha Denouement

Salon – Climate change can be stopped

Wilmington News Journal – Report displays future concerns on sea-level rise

LAT – Rise in renewable energy will require more use of fossil fuels

NYT – Divining the Weather, With Methods Old and New

Wapo – Chinese company buys battery maker that got recovery funds


Reuters – Despair after climate conference, but U.N. still offers hope

Reuters – FACTBOX: Key decisions at Doha talks on climate change

Xinhau – Global climate change predictions on target

Bloomberg – U.K. Trial May Lead to $1.2 Billion of Renewable Power Purchases

Euractiv – European renewable power grid rocked by cyber-attack

FT – Long contracts boost renewables investment


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