LAT Ed – Set an example on energy reform,  California

WSJ Oped – David Porter – Playing Chicken in  Oil-Patch Politics

Guardian D. Carrington Column – Fossil-fuelled Osborne flogs dead horse as green economy races away

NYT Andrew Rosenthal Column – Marco Rubio Believes in Science 

MacLean’s Aaron Wherry Column – The case for pricing carbon

Juneau Empire Oped – Rick Steiner – Arctic shipping is a disaster waiting to happen 


WSJ – Move Toward Gas Exports Clears Hurdle 

NYT – Report Bolsters the Case for Large U.S. Natural Gas Exports 

NYT – Obama’s Storm-Aid Bid to Be About $50 Billion  

NPR – Crime On The Farm: Hay Thefts Soar As Drought Deepens

NYT – Stalled Farm Bill Is Pushed for Its Savings

Rolling Stone – Forecasting Denial: Why Are TV Weathercasters Ignoring Climate Change?

Atlantic Wire – Jan Brewer Punched a Reporter When He Asked About Climate Change

Daily Mail – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer ‘punched reporter after he asked her about global warming’

Wapo – Battery maker that received stimulus money could be sold to Chinese company  

Wapo – Graph of the day: Americans buying  more fuel- efficient cars, polluting less 


Guardian – Arctic lost record snow and ice last year as data shows changing climate

NYT – As Ever, Money Worries Pervade Climate Talks

Bloomberg – U.S. Shows Signs of Flexibility at UN Climate Discussions

NYT – At Climate Talks, a Struggle Over Aid for Poorer Nations

Econ Times – UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: No firm commitment from rich countries

Guardian – China pledges ‘due contribution’ on emissions cuts 

Guardian – Frustration over lack of climate cash for poor countries rises in Qatar

Reuters – Russia to set 2020 carbon target that will let emissions rise


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