Wapo Ed – Uranium mining in Va. should proceed carefully 

NYT Oped – Hank Paulson – How Cities Can Save China 

NYT Oped – Andrew Kharl – The People’s Beach 

Chi Sun Times Oped – Bill Kurtis – Bill Kurtis on global warming 

Guardian Oped – John Ashton – Doha climate talks: diplomacy begins at home 

Guardian D. Carrigton Column – George Osborne’s dash for gas sets common sense ablaze


Guardian – Obama urged by environmental groups to take on climate change in next term

Wapo – Environmental group seeks to curb emissions from existing power plants

NYT – To Stop Climate Change, Students Aim at College Portfolios 

Wapo – How to cut U.S. carbon emissions by 10 percent — without Congress 

LAT – Life expectancy rises as fine particle air pollution drops

NYT – Engineering Projects Will Transform Seattle, All Along the Waterfront 

NYT – Justices Broaden the Basis for Damages Over Floods 

WSJ – U.S. Oil Output Near 15-Year High

Guardian – How to buy a ‘green’ Christmas tree


Guardian – Climate change will mean more malnourished children, experts warn

AP – UN chief says rich countries caused climate change, must take lead in fixing it

AP – World Bank: Climate change will hit Middle East and North Africa especially hard

AP – Fossil Fuel Subsidies In Focus At Doha Climate Talks 

WSJ – U.K. to Reveal Gas Power Plans

Guardian – Gas strategy should be ‘plan Z’, government’s climate adviser warns 

BBC – Philippines: Typhoon Bopha death toll rises


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