Wapo Ed – The road to a climate change deal goes through Doha

 NYT Ed – Clams and Grass to the Rescue 

CNN Opinion – David Frum – A tax we could learn to love

New Yorker Opinion – Eliz. Kolbert – Paying for It

Guardian  G. Monbiot Column – Break the grip of corporate power to secure our future

Guardian Oped – Ed Davey – Four reasons to hope we can still avert the worst impacts of climate change 

Forbes Oped – Tim Worstall – Is America Getting Ready For A Carbon Tax?


NYT – Most New Yorkers Think Climate  Change Caused Hurricane, Poll Finds

The Hill – House members warn carbon tax  would increase unemployment rate

 The Hill – Senate Dems push climate change amendment 

 LAT – State lacks strategy on alternative energy, report says 

LAT – State’s sprint to wind, solar power could trigger crisis, panel warns

WSJ – River Floods and Erosion Put Pipelines at Risk 

NYT – E.P.A. Rule Complicates Runoff Case for Justices 

NYT – Spate of Harsh Weather in New England Shifts Sentiment on Trees 

Huffpo – Nuclear Power Whistleblowers Charge Federal Regulators With Favoring Secrecy Over Safety 


Guardian – Climate change compensation emerges as major issue at Doha talks

AP – Doha Climate Conference: China’s Demand For Emissions Leniency Challenged By U.S. Envoy 

Reuters -Doha Climate Conference: Kyoto Protocol And Other Issues Remain Unresolved 

Guardian – Lord Stern: developing countries must make deeper emissions cuts 

Guardian – Doha climate talks: why cutting CO2 is more important than stopping methane

NYT – Orthodox Leader Deepens Progressive Stance on Environment 

Guardian – Africa’s largest solar power plant to be built in Ghana 

NYT – For Planes, a Climate Antidote: Bypass the Arctic


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