TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 12.1-2.12


Salt Lake Trib Ed – A killing climate, Global warming unchecked 

Wapo Stromberg Column – Climate change science gets more compelling as politicians fiddle  

Wapo Carter Eskew Column – Is climate change poised for a comeback?   

Guardian – D. Carrington Column – David Cameron turns hit man over top energy and climate job 

Great Falls Trib Oped – Christopher Doering – Renewable fuels increasing price of food

Wapo Ed – Holding back the sea 

Olympian Ed – State should lead in fighting climate change

Oregonian Oped – Michael P. Nelson and Kathleen Dean Moore – Exposing the logic of climate change denial 

The Observer – Henry Porter Column – America’s carbon tax offers a lesson to the rest of the planet on fighting climate change


Wapo – Is there still time left to avoid 2°C of global warming? Yes, but barely. 

Wapo – Study: weather forecasting science can help predict flu outbreaks

 LAT – Coal’s share of power generation slipping 

CSM – Carbon tax: It’s not coming soon 

NYT – Statue of Liberty Was Unscathed by Hurricane, but Its Home Took a Beating

LAT – U.S. regulators grill Edison on bid to restart part of San Onofre 

NYT – Solar Industry Borrows a Page, and a Party, From Tupperware

LAT – U.S. seeks to protect 66 kinds of coral

AP – Obama’s decision on US-Canada oil pipeline may preview new term’s energy, climate approach 

Guardian – US government announces opening of Atlantic coast for offshore wind farms

LAT – Colorado wildfire burns 4,400 acres, fueled by 70-mph winds 

Denver Post – Wildfire recovery groups questioned over industry connections

Wapo – Climate skeptic group works to reverse renewable energy mandates (Updated from Nov. 24)

Climate Progress – Irony Alert: American Petroleum Institute Calls For Obama To Aid ‘Economic Catastrophe’ Due To Warming-Fueled Drought


Guardian – Climate change: you can’t ignore it

AP – Climate activists stage peaceful march on sidelines of UN talks in Qatar

AP – Muslim activists say Islam missing from debate over climate change and the environment

NYT – New View from Inside Fukushima: Chaos and Uncertainty

TIME – India’s Air Pollution: Is It Worse Than China’s?

AP – Seeking renewable energy, Poland looks to sea wind 

Unwired – Global warming affects mobile too. Heat wave knocks out Vodafone 

Xinhau – Doha climate talks end first half with no consensus


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