TOP STORIES 11.30.12


Guardian Oped – James Hansen – Climate change is happening now – a carbon price must follow

Wapo Eugene Robinson Column – Is this the planet we want to leave behind?  

Guardian Oped – Amy Goodman – Contemplating climate change catastrophe at COP 18 in Doha 

Nat Geo Oped – Tim Profeta – Sandy Surfaces, Kyoto at Stake in U.N. Climate Talks

China Daily Europe Oped – Priya Barua  – Delivering clean energy: Why policy matters

FT Oped – Dieter Helm – UK energy plan is dangerous and dated


The Hill – GOP lawmakers float resolution to keep carbon tax grounded

Politico – Senate panel Democrats bash climate change deniers

WSJ – Senate Again Backs Pentagon’s Green-Energy Plans 

Bloomberg – Worst of the Drought Spreads in 48 Contiguous U.S. States

AP – Drought threatens to close Mississippi to barges 

Wapo – Rice connected to Keystone pipeline company 

NYT – Stake in Keystone Pipeline Is Potential Conflict for Susan Rice 

NYT – Sewage Flows After Storm Expose Flaws in System 

NYT – New York City’s Plan for Tree Waste: Sell, Reuse or Burn

NYT – Near Tears, Gillibrand Tells of 2 Boys’ Deaths  

WSJ – Storm Weighed on Retailers 

Crosscut – Orcas Island senator eyes a carbon tax to protect NW shellfish 

NYT – Despite Setbacks, Investor Is Bullish on Clean Tech 


TIME – Climate Change: Polar Ice Sheets Melting Faster, Raising Sea Levels 

Guardian – Greenland and Antarctica ‘have lost 4tn tonnes of ice’ in 20 years 

WSJ – Polar Ice Sheets Melt at Faster Pace  

LAT – Thawing permafrost may amplify global warming, U.N. reports

Guardian – How will climate change impact on fresh water security? 

The Economist – After three failures, this year’s UN climate summit has only modest aims

Telegraph – Doha: Should rich countries pay for climate change ‘loss and damage’?


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