TOP STORIES 11.29.12


LAT – Ocean acidification is killing sea life, and we are the culprits 

Wapo – David Ignatius Column – Obama’s challenge: Thinking big

NYT Oped – JUDITH KILDOW and JASON SCORSE – End Federal Flood Insurance

Daily Beast Oped – Michael Tomasky  – Six Nominees to Succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State 

The Independent Oped – Jane Davidson – The UK was leading on tackling climate change – so why is the Government now failing to act? 

National Times Oped – John Birmingham – They’re so wrong, but I wish they were right

Salt Lake Trib Oped – Brian Moench – Utah Children & Einstein’s Brain


Guardian – Campaigners threaten to sue EPA over carbon emissions 

AP – Senate gives green light to Pentagon investment in green energy

Treehugger – Most Important Pie Chart You’ll See Today: 13,950 Peer-Reviewed Scientific Articles on Earth’s Climate

ONEarth – Secretary of State Candidate Has a Major Financial Stake in Canadian Tar Sands

NYT – BP Is Barred From Taking Government Contracts

LAT – 3 from BP plead not guilty in connection with gulf oil disaster

Wapo – EPA suspends BP from new federal contracts in wake of oil spill

Grist – California is about to get drenched by an ‘atmospheric river’


AP – Arctic sea ice larger than US melts, UN reports; climate change happening ‘before our eyes’

Guardian – 2012 expected to be ninth warmest year on record

Reuters – Evidence for man-made climate change getting stronger – UN

LAT – Climate talks buffeted by the force of Superstorm Sandy 

Wapo – Understanding the Doha climate talks, in three easy charts

Reuters – As nations haggle, global carbon cut targets get impossibly deep

Reuters – Extreme weather calls for action, U.N. climate chief says


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