TOP STORIES 11.28.12


WSJ Ed – Obama Vetoes a Carbon Tax—in Europe 

NYT Ed – Hurricane Sandy’s Rising Costs 

WSJ Oped – Rob Green – A Mandate to Raise Food Prices

LAT David Horsey Column – Despite storms and floods, humans willingly ignore global warming

WSJ Oped – RON WYDEN & ANDREW RASIEJ – Time for a High-Tech Version of the National Guard

The New Yorker James Surowiecki Column – Disaster Economics

Rochester Dem/Chron  Oped – KARINA HOPIAVUORI  – Alarmists stir up carbon tax talk


Guardian – US coastal cities in danger as sea levels rise faster than expected, study warns 

LAT – Washington is first state to tackle ocean acidification 

Wapo – Washington state confronts ocean   acidification 

Wapo – Natural gas minimizes market for coal 

WSJ – Stone Structures Stay Sturdy by the Seashore 

PBS Newshour – Climate Change a Threat for Quileute “Twilight” Tribe (Video)

The Hill – Energy agency sees glass as half-empty on climate change


TIME – U.N. Global Warming Summit: Heading Over the Climate Cliff

Economic Times – UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012 kicked off with India at Doha

AP – UN climate scientist says Sandy no coincidence in warming world

Guardian – UN: methane released from melting ice could push climate past tipping point 

Deutsche Welle – Climate change hard to deny, says ex-EPA head

Guardian – China planning ‘huge fracking industry’  

AP – Floods in Britain draw focus to dispute that may leave thousands without flood insurance

WSJ – Pace of Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon Falls

Sky News Australia – Climate change solution for winemakers


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