TOP STORIES 11.26.12


WSJ Oped – Geo. Pataki – Pataki: In Sandy’s Wake, Time to Upgrade the Power Grid

Toledo Blade Ed – Climate and security

BoGlobe James Carroll Column – The Earth experiment

Daily Climate Oped  – Mike McCracken – We Can Slow Near-Term Climate Change

Guardian John Vidal – Time is running out: the Doha climate talks must put an end to excuses

Miami Herald Oped – Scott Mortman – Is the electric car dying again?


Wapo – Outdoors bill angers some environmentalists

NYT – With Ban on Drilling Practice, Town Lands in Thick of Dispute

WSJ – Natural-Gas Boom’s Flip Side

Asahi Shimbun – In U.S. ‘shale revolution,’ gas volume quintuples, and price plummets.

WSJ – Los Angeles Car Show Is Charged Up


Guardian – Doha climate talks: what to expect

IHT – As Doha Climate Talks Convene, Report Finds Broken Promises

AP – Nearly 200 countries to meet for UN talks on global warming

BBC – Doha climate talks represent ‘golden opportunity’

AP – UN to launch new round of talks on how to curb global warming and who should pay for it

Bloomberg – Rich Nations Fall Short of $30 Billion Climate Change Aid Pledge

China Daily – Obama may take on climate change during 2nd term

SMH – Rising acidity levels threaten ocean’s food chain, study finds

Econ Times – Industrialised countries failed to provide $30 billion to tackle climate change in developing nations

Canadian Press – Pine beetles contributing to climate change, study says


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