TOP STORIES 11.23.12


BoGlobe Ed – Solar-energy investments are paying off in Mass

NYT – Krugman Column – Grand Old Planet

Wapo Oped –  James D. Fraser, Sarah M. Karpanty and Daniel H. Catlin – We’re too close to the sea

New Statesman Alex Hern Column – A carbon tax may not actually do a whole lot for emissions


Guardian – Obama under pressure to show Doha he is serious on climate change  

Guardian – US politicians urged to seize the moment on climate change after Sandy 

AP – Energy Department taps vast supply of frozen methane in Alaska

AP – Drought worsens for more than half of U.S. despite recent rain 

NYT – Effort to Curb Dangerous Coolant Falters, Sometimes at Home

NYT – Did You Save Some Turkey Fat? Other Oils?

LAT – Artist aims to transform billboards into hanging gardens


Reuters – Resuscitation hopes dim for expiring Kyoto climate treaty

Bloomberg – Pollution Sets Record as Euro Crisis Slows Climate Drive

ENDS – EU parliament votes to end climate vetoes

Guardian – Ed Miliband commits Labour to 2030 decarbonisation target

Guardian – Project to leave oil in ground under Yasuní park reaches $300m

Business Green – China defends carbon emissions growth

Xinhau – China opposes EU carbon emissions tax, wants multilateral solution

AP – Qatar to host UN climate talks in bid to show oil producers helping protect planet


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