TOP STORIES 11.21.12


The Hill Oped – Thomas D. Peterson – Making progress on climate change at local and global levels 

LAT Dan Turner Column – Climate lessons from ‘The Dust Bowl’

Freakonomics Oped – James McWilliams – Agnostic Carnivores and Global Warming: Why Enviros Go After Coal and Not Cows

Guardian Oped – David Nussbaum – David Cameron has gone cold on climate change

NYT Dot Earth Revkin – Mapping Gas Leaks from Aging Urban Pipes


NYT – California’s CO2 Now Has a Price, but a Low One

Wapo – Would a carbon tax cut emissions drastically? Not on its own.

NYT – C.I.A. Closes Its Climate Change Office

Reuters – U.S. food banks raise alarm as drought dents government supplies

LAT – EPA administrator’s email account raises concern

Climate Progress – Independent Voters Favor Renewable Energy To Keystone XL Pipeline 4:1, Poll Finds

Daily Beast – Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum & Other Politicians’ Dumbest Scientific Claims (PHOTOS)

NYT – Jane Holtz Kay, a Prophet of Climate Change, Dies at 74


BBC – Climate change evident across Europe, says report

Guardian – European companies ‘using emissions trading to subsidize overseas rivals’

Reuters – Developing nations push rich on climate targets ahead of talks

AP – UN climate report shows gap between talk and action growing as emissions rise

Wapo – The big climate question: Will the world build 1,200 new coal plants?

FT – Energy: Breath of fresh air

Reuters – Global investors call for action on serious climate danger

Xinhua – China issues report addressing climate change


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