TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 11.17-11.18


Wapo Ed – A U.S. energy renaissance

Wapo Oped – Jamelle Bouie – Why conservatives should want a carbon tax

LAT Oped -Barbara Garson- Superstorm Sandy: How soon we forget

Holland Sentinel Oped – Mary A. Colborn – Sandy’s climate change reminder

Burlington Times News Oped – Michael Strickland and Janet MacFall – Climate change back on the table

NY Daily News Ed – Climate for fracking

Times Picayune James Varney Column – Looking at global warming as the world burns

Huffpo Oped – Peter J. Reilly – Carbon Tax Getting Serious Consideration As CBO Seeks To Address Regressiveness

Slate Oped – Bjorn Lomborg – Preventing the Next Sandy

Wash Times Oped – PAUL DRIESSEN: Global warming hysteria will kill jobs


NYT – Obama on Climate Policy: Not Just Now, Thanks

SF Chron – Jerry Brown: Act now on climate change

Guardian – US considers shifting climate negotiations away from UN track

WSJ – The Future Question for Storm Victims: Can the Past Be Rebuilt?

Reuters – Storm Sandy knocks U.S. industrial output in October

DM Reg – Request to waive ethanol mandate denied by EPA

NYT – 2 Missing, 11 Injured in Fire Aboard Oil Platform in Gulf

Wapo – BP settlement a boon to conservation group

NYT – Gulf Coast States at Odds on Penalties for Oil Spill

Wapo – EPA chief Lisa Jackson may be moving on

AP – Gas drilling boom presents Obama with historic choices on jobs, energy, environment

McClatchy – Pressure builds on Obama over oil pipeline: Jobs vs. climate change

Guardian – Keystone XL activists to press Obama again to block oil pipeline

NYT – Gas Boom County Strives for Economic Afterglow

LAT – Hawaii’s solar power flare-up: Too much of a good thing?

Wapo – BP supervisors are ‘scapegoats,’ defense says

AT – Australian scientists find excess greenhouse gas near fracking

Wapo – Global drought changed little last 60 years: a problem for global warming predictions?

Guardian – Al Gore: nuclear power will play ‘limited role’ in future energy mix

Guardian – Decarbonisation target ‘could be postponed until next parliament’

SCCV – Global warming: Bhutan’s glaciers at risk

SMH – Majority oppose carbon tax, but say they are no worse off

Jamaica Gleaner – The ‘new normal’ Climate-change issues costing Ja billions

SCCV – Global warming could lead to runaway ice cap meltdown


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