TOP STORIES 11.19.12


Guardian Oped -Jim Yong Kim- The latest predictions on climate change should shock us into action

National Review Marlo Lewis Column – The EPA vs. State Economies

Tribune Democrat Oped – Jim Scofield – U.S. reluctant partner in global-warming battle

Economic Times Oped – Bjorn Lomborg – Hurricane Sandy resurrected the claim that global warming was to blame for such events

Huffpo Oped – Kelly Rigg – The World Bank’s Shocking, Cautionary Tale on Climate Change

Irish Times Ed – Climate change and Ireland


BoGlobe – Bipartisan steps urged on climate change policy

NYT – As Coasts Rebuild and U.S. Pays, Repeatedly, the Critics Ask Why

National Journal – Is Washington Ready For a Carbon Tax?

WSJ – President Weighs Picks for Cabinet, Adviser Positions

LAT – Mining sand for fracking causes friction in Wisconsin

WSJ – Drillers Begin Reusing ‘Frack Water’ 

AP – Drought imperils barge traffic on Mississippi River


Reuters – All nations will suffer effects of climate change, warns World Bank

Clean Technica – Solar-Powered Convention Centre To Offset Carbon Emissions At Doha Climate Change Conference


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