TOP STORIES 11.15.12


SF Chron Ed – Big California pollution auction begins

NYT Ed – Money to Rebuild After Sandy

WSJ Ed – Politicians are already spending cap-and-trade auction revenue 

LAT James Rainey Column – Obama signals he’s putting climate change on back burner 

Guardian Oped- Robert P Geraci –  Did climate change controversy cause UVa’s sacking of Teresa Sullivan?  

Bloomberg Opinion – Eric Pooley – Obama Will Start 2nd Term With Unfinished Climate Business 

Slate Oped – Will Oremus – Obama Makes It Clear He Isn’t Willing To Fight for Action on Climate Change 

Wapo Stromberg Column – President Obama’s press conference — climate change gets some attention, but enough? 

Wapo Rbt. Samuelson Column – The U.S. may become energy-independent after all 


OC Reg – California cap and trade: Climate-change bidding begins

LAT – California holds cap-and-trade auction of greenhouse gas credits

Guardian – Obama vows to take personal charge of climate change in second term 

The Hill – Obama vows climate efforts but stays vague on agenda

AP – Obama wants national ‘conversation’ on climate change; no legislation proposed

Reuters – Obama sees second-term focus on climate change

Reuters – BP Oil Spill Settlement: Fine For Deepwater Horizon Disaster May Be Largest Criminal Penalty In U.S. History  

Wapo – The new boom: Shale gas fueling an American industrial revival


NYT – Lessons for U.S. From a Flood-Prone Land  

WSJ – EU Sets Out Plan to Rescue Carbon Program

Guardian – It is time for the judiciary to step in and avert climate catastrophe

Guardian – Dutch government may face legal action over climate change

Guardian – Should we send penguins to the Arctic as food for the polar bears? 


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