TOP STORIES 11.13.12


The Daily Climate Oped – Amy Luers – Tread carefully linking extreme weather to climate crisis

New Yorker Comment- David Remnick – NO MORE MAGICAL THINKING

 Guardian Oped – Bill Becker – Will Barack Obama seize the moment on climate change?

LAT Oped – Jon Healey – The pros and cons of trying to adjust the global thermostat


National Journal – Norquist: Carbon-Tax Swap for Income-Tax Cut Wouldn’t Violate No-Tax-Hike Pledge

Clean Technica – Drought + Superstorm Sandy + Looming Fiscal Cliff —> Revived Talk Of A Carbon Tax 

Guardian – US can become world’s biggest oil producer in a decade, says IEA 

WSJ – U.S. Redraws World Oil Map

IHT –  Oil & Money: Making an Energy Boom Work for U.S 

CNN Money – Why Obama’s win won’t help renewable energy

NYT – Flood Insurance, Already Fragile, Faces New Stress

Reuters – Nervous farmers scramble for corn seed after drought

AP – Mo. Governor, Barge Industry Urge Action on Rivers


NYT – Water Supply in a Warming World

AP – EU Commission offers airlines a carbon tax freeze 

Guardian – EU freezes airlines carbon emissions law

IHT – Oil & Money: With China and India Ravenous for Energy, Coal’s Future Seems Assured

Guardian – The inter-connections between health and climate change 

Wapo – Venice flooding swamps 70 percent of city

WSJ – Green Party Shakes Up German Politics


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