TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 11.10-11.12


Wapo Oped – B. McKibben – What Obama should do now: Tackle climate change

CNN Opinion – Michael Levi – How to press for climate change progress

Guardian Oped – Kelly Rigg – The Arab Youth Climate Movement should give us hope

Guardian Oped – Richard Schiffman – Election 2012: America’s new mandate on climate change

WSJ Ed – Politicians want to prosecute people who sell gas to people who need it

Wapo Ed – The carbon tax

Syracuse Post – Standard Ed – Climate Change Momentum: Sandy’s wrath gets our attention, and that of our political leaders 

NYT Oped – Cass Sunstein – Climate Change: Lessons From Ronald Reagan

Kingston Daily Freeman ALAN CHARTOCK Column – Climate change requires leadership

Desert Sun K. Kaufman Column – Climate goals long behind schedule


Wapo – With ‘fiscal cliff’ looming, carbon tax getting closer look

Wapo – Environmentalists play key role in 2012 races

Guardian – US military warned to prepare for consequences of climate change

NYT – Climate Change Report Outlines Perils for U.S. Military

Mojo – US elections: five climate hawks who will take office in 2013

Huffpo – Global Warming Poll: Climate Change A ‘Serious Problem’ To 68% Of Americans 

NYT – Hurricane Exposed Flaws in Protection of Tunnels

Wapo – After Obama reelection, Murray Energy CEO reads prayer, announces layoffs

NY Observer – With More Storms on the Horizon, Insurers Could Drop Coastal Homes Altogether 

Daily Beast – Warm Up, Cook, Recharge: A Smart Tool Born of Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

SJ Merc – California’s landmark global warming law becomes real this week with first cap-and-trade auctions

Inside Climate News – Post-Sandy and post-election, will political taboo on climate change be lifted?

Abq Journal – Climate Change To Affect Santa Fe Watershed

NYT – Hurricane Sandy and the Disaster-Preparedness Economy

AP – Wildfire spreads at NC’s Pilot Mountain

UPI – Stadiums increase renewable energy use


Guardian – Kyoto protocol: Australia signs up to second phase

Press Assoc. – UK Carbon tax could boost economy and combat fuel poverty, analysis shows

AP – Poor nations dismayed by looming climate aid gap

Clean Technica – The Most Successful Electric Car Cities (+ Infographic)

Jamaica Observer – Sandy spotlights climate change

Guardian – Book Review – Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver


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