TOP STORIES 11.12.12


NYT Oped – Dieter Helm – To Slow Warming, Tax Carbon 

WSJ Oped – Richar Muller and Mitch Daniels: The Fracker’s Guide to a Greener World

NYT Bill Keller Column – A New Manhattan Project

Guardian Ed – Energy: a charged debate

OC Reg Oped – Wendell Cox: Global warming bill could become big pork barrel


Bloomberg – U.S. Drought May Cut GDP by One Percentage Point, Deutsche Says

USAT – U.S. endures near-record wildfire season

WSJ – Sandy Stirs Toxic-Site Worry  

WSJ – U.S. Data Skewed By Storm’s Effect

Bergen Record – How do we adapt to what may be weather’s new normal?

AP – Looks like ice, burns like a candle: Frozen methane hydrate may be new Alaska energy source

SF Chron – Chevron sidesteps call for cleaner tech


Telegraph – Climate change could kill off pandas

Bloomberg – Renewables to Rival Coal for Power Generation in 2035

Guardian – Marks & Spencer green chief attacks government’s ‘uncertain’ policy 

Guardian – Poles apart: satellites reveal why Antarctic sea ice grows as Arctic melts 

FT – Power supply: Batteries required

SMH – Renewable energy scheme cost $3.2 billion

Bloomberg – China Solar Giants Likely to Get State Bailouts

NBC – Global warming felt by space junk, satellites 


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