Pittsburgh Post Gazette Ed – Heat on Capitol Hill: Congress must get serious about climate change

Politico Oped – Dr. Bob Corell and Dr. Jeff Masters and Dr. Kevin Trenberth – Did climate change contribute to Sandy? Yes. 

Bloomberg Oped –  Nat Keohane – A Climate Change To-Do List for the Next President  

Guardian Column – George Monbiot – Obama and Romney remain silent on climate change, the biggest issue of all 

Wapo Eugene Robinson Column – Keeping the next storm at bay 

Guardian Oped – Bill McKibben – Why we should name hurricanes after fossil fuel corporations 


Wapo – Climate policy advances in the states, but slowly 

LAT – California’s first auction of greenhouse-gas credits nears 

Wapo – Geoengineering is the answer to climate change. Unless it isn’t. 

Daily Beast – Hurricane Sandy’s Unmistakable Message

NYT – Costs of Shoring Up Coastal Communities 

Wapo – Is Sandy the second-most destructive U.S. hurricane ever? Or not even top 10?

NYT – A Call to Rethink Storm Classification 

WSJ – Delaware Bars Hurricane Deductibles

WSJ – Past and Future Clash at Pearl Harbor


Guardian – World on track for 6C warming without carbon cut, study shows  

Financial Times – Global warming: Climate change needs action but it has a cost

Guardian – Industry letter calls for decarbonisation target in energy bill  

Guardian – Green economy is on the rise – but remains to be fully exploited

Guardian – Cameron set to defend coalition’s position on growing UK’s green economy 

Guardian – No Dash For Gas ends the UK’s longest power station occupation

AP – China launches WTO case challenging solar subsidies provided by some EU members


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