Philly Inq Ed – Climate change an issue again

NYT Paul Krugman Column – Sandy Versus Katrina 

Guardian Oped – Katherine Stewart – America’s theologians of climate science denial

 WSJ Ed – New York’s Economics Blackout

Cuomo vs. Christie on gasoline shortages 

Boulder Daily Camera Oped – Edward A. Hudson and Robert Dullien – Climate change: Need we act? And how?

National Review Online – Robert Zubrin – Global Warming Did Not Cause Sandy 

Forbes Oped patrick J. Michaels – For Al Gore, The Lack Of Any Increase In Hurricanes Related To Global Warming Is An Inconvenient Truth

NY Daily News Ed – The brawl over who or what caused climate change is beside the point 


LAT – Sandy a galvanizing moment for climate change? 

Wapo – Coastal cities seek protections against superstorms

NPR – Insuring for Climate Change

Guardian – Romney attacked over climate change as activists tap post-Sandy concerns

Huffpo – Mitt Romney Pressed On Climate Change: ‘Do You Still Think The Rising Of The Seas Is Funny?’ 

Guardian – Romney’s energy plan “mindblowing” says climate change champion

AP – As battle over government support for green energy intensifies, jobs begin to dwindle

AZ Republic – Experts: Climate change to intensify Ariz. summers


IHT – How Cities Plan to Keep the Sea at Bay in an Age of Climate Change 

Guardian – Italy looks to boost crude oil production by 150% in energy policy shakeup

Guardian – Minister rules out British Antarctic Survey merger plans

WSJ – Tata Power Eyes Renewable Energy for Growth 


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