WSJ Ed – Canada’s Energy Stumble

Wapo Wemple Column – Hurricane Sandy’s path to ‘WORST CASE SCENARIO’

LAT Oped – Lawrence Krauss – Italy blames the messengers

Time Opinion – M. Grunwald – (Almost) Everyone Loves Solar

Oil Change int’l – Opinion – Steve Kretzmann – Oil’s new supply boom is a bust for the climate


Politico – Hurricane Sandy: The next climate wake-up call?

WSJ – ‘Frankenstorm’ Headed to Region 

Wapo – Look-alike Cato report on climate misleads, scientists say

NYT – Both Romney and Obama Avoid Talk of Climate Change

Wapo – Cost of mining coal continues to climb 

Wapo – Is U.S. climate policy better off without cap-and-trade?

Grist – Cue the math: McKibben’s roadshow takes aim at Big Oil


NYT – Chevron, Intent on European Shale Gas, Buys Lithuanian Stake

NYT – An Airline Fleet Fueled by Natural Gas 

Guardian – Fukushima fish ‘may be inedible for a decade’ 


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