TOP STORIES 10.25.12


LAT Ed – Conviction of quake scientists is a Dark Ages day 

The Atlantic Opinion – Brian Fung – China’s Plan to Rescue the Global Solar Industry

Bloomberg Opinion – James A. Russell – Romney, Obama Avoid Climate Change Stigma, Waste Air

 OpEdNews Mark Dunlee – Obama Has Promoted An Anti-Climate Change Agenda

Buffalo News Oped – Joel Huberman – Climate change – the science is clear, and we have a way to use it


Guardian – US downplayed effect of Deepwater oil spill on whales, emails reveal 

Wapo – Want a more substantive Obama-Romney debate on energy and climate? Read this.

Wapo – Mega-storm threat growing for mid-Atlantic and Northeast early next week from hurricane Sandy

WSJ – Storm Prompts California Ski Resorts to Open Early  

Bloomberg – U.S. Solar Jobs Face Bright Future, Wind Posts Flutter


Guardian – Climate scientist Michael Mann sues over sex offender comparison

Guardian – UK makes biggest emissions cuts in Europe  

LAT – Less meat consumed, prices rising amid disease, drought 

Reuters – Dominance of U.S. corn in Asia shaken by drought, price

UPI – Speed limit on ships urged for air quality 

Guardian – World Bank urges nations to end ‘wasteful’ gas flaring

WSJ – Cheap U.S. Gas Is Europe’s Loss 


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