TOP STORIES 10.24.12


Guardian Oped – Keith Barnham – We must impose a carbon limit on new electricity generation here and now 

LAT Michael Hiltzik Column – Blown away by attacks on wind subsidy 

SF Chron Oped – Peter Navarro – SF Invites Chinese Solar Co’s as US Co’s Fail

Register Guard Oped – Alan Zelenka  and Kitty Piercy  – Local impacts of coal exports unacceptable

Minn Star Trib Oped – JAMES P. LENFESTEY  – Candidates clam up on climate 


AP – Despite the weather, climate change gets little mention in the campaign

Politico – Climate change still a no-show at debates

TIME – Why Climate Change Has Become the Missing Issue in the Presidential Campaign

NYT – Bigger Than Either of Them? 

Wapo – Penn State climate professor sues think tank, National Review

Fox – Climate scientist Michael Mann sues over comparison to child molester

Scientific American – Climate Scientist Sues for Defamation

The Atlantic – What Killed Climate Change Legislation?


NBC – IKEA to move to clean energy by 2020, protect forests 

 NYT – China’s Bid for Nexen May Survive a Rejection 

 Xinhua – China strives to develop new, renewable energy: white paper

 NYT – Canada’s New Pipeline Woes

 NYT – In Oil-Rich Iran, Natural Gas Turns Wheels

 Bloomberg – Australia’s Climate Policies to Spur A$100 Billion in Spending

 NYT – Food and Climate: A New Warning


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