TOP STORIES 10.23.12


WSJ Ed – The Obama Storm Tax, The EPA turns its unsubtle charms on cities. Get ready to pay.

Wapo – Stromberg Column – Obama won the third presidential debate, but what about climate change?

The Hill Oped -Dan Thompson –  An opportunity to debate climate change

Wapo – Brad Plumer Column – Five energy topics that won’t come up in tonight’s foreign policy debate — but should

WSJ Oped – Dan Yergin -The Real Stimulus: Low-Cost Natural Gas 

Slate Opinion – Raymond T. Pierrehumbert – Mitt Romney’s Coal Complex


Scientific American – Fake Addendum by Contrarian Group Tries to Undo U.S. Government Climate Report

The Hill – Climate change shut out of presidential debates 

NYT – Back to the Future With Environmental Bipartisanship 

The Hill – Obama energy team circulates memo to greens on climate

Guardian – US elections: Barack Obama accused of ‘climate denial’ 

Wapo – Monster East Coast storm next week or big miss?

Climate Central – Grim Storm Scenarios Loom for Mid-Atlantic, Northeast 

TIME – Nobody Mentions Climate Change. But Somebody Did Something About It.


Guardian – UK public favours wind turbines over shale gas wells, poll finds 

FT – Cloud hovers over China’s solar industry

AP – Chinese protesters clash with police over power plant

LAT – Climate linked to conflict in East Africa, study finds 

AP – Green buildings on the rise in Persian Gulf as countries confront rising emissions

ABC (Australia) – Climate change unit axed in cost-cutting push


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