TOP STORIES 10.22.12


NYT – Paul Krugman Column – The Secret of Our Non-Success

Bloomberg Opinion – Charles Kenny – When It Comes to Government Subsidies, Dirty Energy Still Cleans Up

Think Progress Oped – Bill Becker – Addressing Climate Change Is Pro-Business

Triple Pundit – Mike Bellamente – Levi’s Quietly Announces Climate Change Strategy


Wapo – Obama’s record: Environmental agenda pushes sweeping attack on air pollution

Wapo – Did Obama make good on his campaign promises for the environment? (Video)

LAT – Pollution drop in harbor rail yard plan disputed

NYT – Weather Channel’s Parent Company Is Renamed

INC – Drought Kills Evergreens, but Not Christmas 


Financial Times – Investors in push for greener oil sands

BBC – Renewables industry says projects displacing CO2 emissions

NYT – BP Board Approves Rosneft Deal

Reuters – Canada Still Ponders Deal for Fuel Firm

Planet Save – Could Solar Geoengineering Prove Effective?

WSJ – Electric Bikes Go on a Roll in Rome 


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