TOP STORIES 10.19.12


Wapo – A crackdown on solar panels threatens U.S.-China trade

Wapo Brad Plumer Column – How climate change disappeared from the debates

LAT – James Rainey Column – Climate change activists beg more attention from Romney, Obama 

Wapo Eugene Robinson Column – Why the chill on climate change?

NYT David Brooks Column – A Sad Green Story 

Hou Chron Oped – John Nielsen-Gammon – Carbon Dioxide and Temperature 


LAT – Americans increasingly believe in global warming, Yale report says

WSJ – Campaigns Clash Over the Future of Coal

Guardian – Koch-backed activists use power of data in bid to oust Obama from White House 

The Hill – Clinton: ‘Energy diplomacy’ central to US foreign policy

Bloomberg – Clinton Cites Energy in Diplomacy From Oil to Climate

NYT – For Hybrid Drivers, a Gas Pump Allergy? 

Wapo – NOAA participation in climate conference in limbo due to lack of travel approval

Daily Beast – America’s Greenest Politicians, from Barbara Boxer to John Kerry


Economic Times – Energy is key to economic development: Hillary Clinton

NYT – A Rogue Climate Experiment Outrages Scientists 

Guardian – Will climate change lead to more droughts? 

Bloomberg – UN Emission Offsets Plunge to Record as EU Carbon Erases Gains

WSJ – TransCanada Temporarily Halts Keystone Pipeline 

Grist – Bad acid trip: A beach bum’s guide to ocean acidification


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