TOP STORIES 10.18.12


Wapo Ed – Avoiding reality at the debates

WSJ – Ed – Energy in the Executive, the President’s real record on fossil fuels. 

Wapo Brad Plumer Column – What we can learn from Europe’s cap-and-trade system

LAT – Brad Turner Column – Presidential debate: What climate crisis? A lot of hot air on energy

NYT – Dot Earth – Revkin – Obama and Romney, Oil and Science

MoJo Opinion – Kevin Drum – Last Night’s Big Loser: Climate Change

Guardian Oped – Tim McConnell – Will US wind power splutter out if Mitt Romney cuts its subsidy?


WSJ – Clinton to Say Energy Plays Key Role in Diplomacy

NYT – Obama, Romney and Energy Policy

Bloomberg – Is Obama Really Waging a War on Coal?

TIME – The World’s Most Powerful Climate Change Supercomputer Powers Up

National Geographic – Warming Lakes: Effects of Climate Change Seen on Lake Tahoe


Guardian – Canadian government ‘knew of plans to dump iron into the Pacific’

Reuters – Climate Conversations – Charting a path to action on climate change

Guardian – Biofuels: EU weakens proposals to reduce indirect climate impact

AP – Drought, hail, cold conspire to turn European wine grape harvest in worst in half a century

Nat Geo – Northernmost Lake Reappears Due to Warming


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