TOP STORIES 10.17.12


LAT Ed – Solar power, and tortoises too

WSJ Ed – Electric Car Crash 

Wapo – Ezra Klein Column – In debate, Romney struggled on substance Opinion – Bill Blakemore – Sea Level Rising Toward Washington and Other Cities

Guardian Oped – Tom Burke – New nuclear costs could squeeze renewables from UK energy mix 

Daily Beast Oped – Jay Michaelson – The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to Lie About Climate Change Has Worked

Cato Institute – “The Current Wisdom” – Public Misperception of Climate Change – Opinion – Chip” Knappenberger & Pat Michaels 


Climate Denial Crock of the Week – How Stupid Does Cato Institute think Congress Is? Oh, right….

The Hill – Climate change a no-show again despite debate’s energy focus

The Atlantic – Is David Axelrod to Blame for Climate Change’s Absence From the Election?

Guardian – Obama and Romney take up gas prices and energy policy during second debate

 LAT – Extreme hurricanes hitting U.S. more frequently, study says

NYT  – On Our Radar: Shell’s Beaufort Sea Drilling Rig

NYT – Obama-Backed Battery Maker Files for Bankruptcy

Wapo – Opening of NOAA’s Center for Weather and Climate Prediction: potential game changer in forecasting 


Guardian – Why the Daily Mail was wrong to claim global warming has stopped 

Guardian – Scientists have ‘limited knowledge’ of how climate change causes extinction

Wapo – When geoengineering goes rogue

NYT – Energy Price Increases Pose Challenge for Merkel 

Reuters – German winter shows Achilles heel of renewables

Guardian – Energy policy negotiated as coalition leaders meet to discuss green agenda


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