TOP STORIES 10.16.12


WSJ Ed – The Solyndra Memorial Tax Break 

Wapo Charles Lane Column – Liberals’ green-energy contradictions

Guardian Oped -George Monbiot –  If extreme weather becomes the norm, starvation awaits

Slate Oped – Matthew Yglesias  – There Are Lots of CO2-Reduction Strategies That Would Be Great Short-Term Policy

Missoulan Oped – Scott Sandsberry – Larger, hotter wildfires the new norm in West

Huffpo Oped – Kelly Rigg – Killing Us With Coal: Why Do We Let Them Do It?


USAT – September tied for world’s warmest September on record

The Hill – Poll: Belief in global warming rising in both parties

Wapo – League of Conservation Voters spends heavily on 2012 campaign

Wapo – Environmental group targets Jeff Flake

Guardian – Will algae ever power our cars?

Wapo – The coal industry would be in decline even without Obama’s policies

WSJ – U.S. Soybean Futures Fall to 3-Month Low on Improved Crop Expectations


Carbon Brief – The Mail on Sunday gives David Rose space to repeat old (and wrong) claims that “global warming has stopped”.

Independent – Global warming is ‘causing more hurricanes’ 

FT – German rush to renewables faces backlash

Guardian – Pacific iron fertilisation is ‘blatant violation’ of international regulations

AP – Germany fears losing support for nuclear power phase-out as cost of the move hits households

Guardian – Renewable energy ratings and carbon emissions mapped: an international breakdown

FT – Wind speeds lift Renewable Energy revenues


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