TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 10.13-14.12


Guardian Oped – Mike Small – A bad harvest, rising prices … isn’t it time to change the way food is done?

WSJ Oped – Holman Jenkins – The Dumbest Trade War Is a Green One 

Think Progress Oped – Katie Valentine – Florida Experts To Obama And Romney: Sea Level Rise ‘Must Be Considered By The Next President Of The United States’ 

The Hill Oped – Michal Rosenoer – Congress needs to revisit Renewable Fuel Standards

Observer Oped – Robin McKie – GM food: we can no longer afford to ignore its advantages

LAT – Michael Hiltzik Column – Using junk science to promote Proposition 37

Boston Globe Oped – David Sleeper and Pamela H. Templer – A climate change call to arms

Huffpo Oped – Kate Gordon – Climate Law Is Good Business for California 

Think Progress Oped – Jessica Goad – New Solar Energy Program Signals A Paradigm Shift In Our Approach To Energy Development On Public Lands


LAT – Some climate scientists, in a shift, link weather to global warming

PBS Newshour – Summer Weather Disasters Change Americans’ View of Climate Change 

WSJ – Solyndra, Claiming Foul Play, Sues Its Chinese Rivals

AP – Obama’s energy policy forces coal-state Democrats to embrace divergent election-year strategy

LAT – Federal plan designed to create large solar energy plants

NYT – Last-Ditch Bid in Texas to Try to Stop Oil Pipeline

NYT – A Grand Experiment to Rein In Climate Change

LAT – Midwest drought showing up on restaurant menus

LAT – Romney highlights energy in southern Ohio

Observer – UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013

Daily Republic – Drought could drive nationwide crop insurance payments to $25 billion 

AP – United for Coal rally unfolds on highways across Appalachian states


Guardian – Food prices: ‘Bread, coffee and fresh fruit have become a bit of a luxury’

WSJ – Japan Utility Says Crisis Avoidable 

NYT – Japan Power Company Admits Failings on Plant Precautions

Guardian – Weather-beaten UK farmers lament a dismal year for food production

AP – Puerto Rico drops plan to build natural gas pipeline that was opposed by many islanders

Huffpo – Carbon Dioxide May Damage Glaciers, Researchers Suggest 

Sail World – World’s largest solar boat sails into climate change project 

Daily Mail – Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released

Calgary Herald – There may be more to the Arctic thaw than global warming



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