TOP STORIES 10.15.12


WSJ Ed – Obama’s Great Alaska Shutout

LAT Ed- Who’s paying for San Onofre?

NYT Oped – Jeremey Leggett – Don’t Block the Sun

Iowa State Daily – Andrew Lauver Column – Because of drought, we may face choice of food or fuel

Idaho Statesman – Rocky Barker Column – Climate change calls for new conservation ethic


NPR – On The Campaign Trail, Regulations Dominate The Environmental Debate

CSM – Renewable energy: US takes new tack with ‘solar energy zones’

WSJ – U.S. Oil Boom Falls Short of Pump

Wapo – Coal ash decision stymied in election year

LAT – Baldwin Hills fracking study is questioned


UK Met Office News Blog – Response to Daily Mail claim that global warming stopped 16 years ago

Guardian – Environmental science agencies told to help oil firms drilling in polar regions

AP – Germany’s tax financing renewable energies expansion skyrockets by almost 50 percent on year

Guardian – Weather-beaten UK farmers lament a dismal year for food production

Times of India – Climate engineering to reverse global warming may impact biodiversity

Guardian – Fukushima disaster could have been avoided, nuclear plant operator admits 


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