TOP STORIES 10.12.12


WSJ Ed – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Wind Farm

Wapo Achenbach Column – Deepwater Horizon: Return of Macondo

LAT Oped – Jamie Court – How to refuel California

Denver Post Oped – Roger Pielke Jr. – Climate spin is rampant

Guardian Oped – Jonathon Porritt- Why do we play down the horror of climate change?


NYT – U.S. Revises Estimates for Soybean Production Higher

WSJ – USDA Sees Tightening Corn, Soy Supplies 

Fox – Group calls for executive order demanding action on climate change

WSJ – Oil Slick Complicates BP Liability Talks 

NYT – Tribes Add Potent Voice Against Plan for Northwest Coal Terminals

Medical News Today – Traffic Air Pollution Exposure During Infancy Harms The Lungs For Many Years


Wapo – Opposite but unequal: Record high Antarctic sea ice versus record low Arctic sea ice

NYT – For Solar Panel Makers, a Volley of Trade Cases 

Guardian – Norway to double carbon tax on oil industry

Wapo – How’s that big carbon-capture push going? Slowly. Too slowly.

Business Insider – 11 Islands That Will Completely Disappear When Sea Levels Rise


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