TOP STORIES 10.10.12


LAT Ed – Behind California’s gas spike

Balt Sun Oped –  Brian Frosh and Jim Rosapepe – Utilities must accept the reality of climate change

Huffpo Oped -Mike Honda- Seventy-Four Percent of America: Climate Change Is Affecting Weather in U.S.

Syracuse Post Standard –  Oped – Mike Hoffmann – Collective will can shift path of global warming

Think Progress  Oped – Miles Grant – Things Mainstream Reporters Can’t Say: Mitt Romney Is Lying About The Environmental Protection Agency


Wapo – Warmest January-September on record in U.S. 

Reuters – Most Americans link weather to global warming: survey

Smithsonian – Three Quarters of Americans Now Believe Climate Change Is Affecting the Weather

Bloomberg – Drought Cuts U.S. Crops Below Demand First Time in 38 Years

LAT – Scientists mapping Los Angeles sources of greenhouse gas emissions


Guardian – Europe rejects ban on Arctic oil drilling

USAT – Report: Climate change behind rise in weather disasters

Australian Herald Sun – City dwelling frogs at risk from climate change

NYT – Japanese Car Sales Plummet in China 

Wapo – Don’t count on recessions to keep climate change in check

WSJ – Jakarta’s Air-Quality Conundrum


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