Wapo – Ezra Klein Column – Moderate Mitt isn’t so moderate

Foreign Policy Oped – Kate Sheppard – Climate Deniers -When the economy is suffering, no one wants to hear about an impending environmental catastrophe

Guardian Oped –Duncan Clark – Why we can’t bank on recessions to keep global warming in check 

CSM Oped – Kurt Cobb – Underestimating the dangers of peak oil and climate change 

Scientific American Oped – David Wogan – Don’t forget the “global” in global climate change


Bloomberg – In New Orleans, Entergy Prepares for the Next Big One

Insurance Journal – Report Points to Insurance Industry’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

LAT – Battle brews at Pearl Harbor over Navy solar plan 

Chi Sun Times – Thanksgiving turkey to be among first to show drought price hike 

AP – Ohio group files 2nd FEC complaint on coal company


BBC – Climate change: EU rebrands green energy campaign

New Scientist – Why sea ice records are poles apart 

China Daily – Climate change, tourism threatening mountains

Guardian – Central America’s largest expanse of intact rainforest is under threat from organized crime

IHT – Aid Groups Push for Clean Energy Policies

Radio Australia – Climate change impact on Himalayas ‘mixed’: report


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